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How To Get A Commercial Real Estate Loan

How to Get a Commercial Real Estate Loan We often have clients ask us how to get a commercial real estate loan. This is never a simple answer, as every property and business is unique; however, there are some common factors that a lender will consider for each deal.    Factors Considered for A CRE Loan Lenders typically consider 3 main factors when considering a loan for a commercial property....

Commercial Real Estate Loans Explained

The Structure of Commercial Real Estate Loans   Commercial real estate loans help business owners or investors finance the purchase of commercial property. Commercial property is defined as any income-producing property used solely for business purposes, such as industrial warehouses, office buildings, multi-family complexes, retail strip malls, and more. Financing is an essential part of both an...


Where to Find Warehouses for Lease in Colorado Springs

Where to Find Warehouses for Lease in Colorado Springs   Many business owners looking to lease a warehouse in Colorado Springs will begin their search on commercial real estate websites. However, this can be a frustrating process. Search results end up being too broad or too narrow. Ideally, business owners want to research warehouses located in specific industrial districts, not spread across the...

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