Where to Find Warehouses for Lease in Colorado Springs


Where to Find Warehouses for Lease in Colorado Springs


Many business owners looking to lease a warehouse in Colorado Springs will begin their search on commercial real estate websites. However, this can be a frustrating process. Search results end up being too broad or too narrow. Ideally, business owners want to research warehouses located in specific industrial districts, not spread across the entire city.


Since location is key when it comes to leasing a warehouse in Colorado Springs, individuals interested in commercial property need to know which city zones are warehouse-friendly. The zones worth looking at are M1, M2, and sometimes C5 and C6. For a first-time buyer unfamiliar with city zoning, however, this information is unhelpful. 


These zoning codes are unhelpful for two reasons. First, it’s not clear what these letters and numbers stand for. No one could intuit that M1 means heavy industrial zoning or that PIP means Planned Industrial Park Zoning. Second, Colorado Springs’ city planning maps are notoriously difficult to read. Although Colorado Springs does have an interactive zoning map available on its website, its default settings layer too many zones all at once. 


To solve this issue, Peak Commercial Properties has created a zoning map that indicates where one might find warehouses for lease in Colorado Springs. Individuals planning to lease a warehouse can use this map to ensure proper access to highways, suppliers, and other company offices. After viewing the map, be sure to check out the interactive commercial real estate listings map on the Peak Commercial Properties website.


Where to find M1, M2, and PIP Zoning

Light industrial, heavy industrial, and planned industrial park zones. These zones are reserved for industrial use.


The Garden of the Gods Corridor

This industrial area west of I-25 commands a convenient, centralized location in Colorado Springs. The area is home to the Motor Vehicles Department, Space Foundation Headquarters and Discovery Center, and a large flea market warehouse.


Nevada from Austin Bluffs to Fillmore

This stretch of Nevada Ave. is another centralized industrial zone in Colorado Springs. It is located between UCCS and the Old North End neighborhoods. The area is starting to see some revitalization, but business owners can still find great deals on warehouse leases here.


E. Platte and Powers

Heading east from the Union and E. Platte intersection, one can find quite a few warehouses for lease. This area is known for big box stores, auto detailing, and warehouse storage. 


East of Marksheffel Rd. 

If business owners don’t mind leasing a warehouse on the far reaches of town, the east side of Marksheffel is a prime location. Colorado Springs has not built many dense housing developments in this area, which means there is more land available for large commercial/industrial warehouses.


Hancock Expressway

Industrial zoning can be found southeast of downtown Colorado Springs. Companies often lease warehouses in the area south of Hancock Expressway. 


North Gate

Businesses located in the northern pocket of Colorado Springs should look for warehouse space just south of North Gate. Not only is this one of the few industrial zones located inside the northern limits of Colorado Springs, but it’s also conveniently located right next to I-25 for easy access.


Where to find C5 and C6 Zoning

Intermediate business and general business commercial zoning. These zones are reserved for commercial use. Potential property owners should know that warehouse usage may be restricted in these zones. Talk to a representative from Peak Commercial Properties if you have questions about specific properties.


Academy Blvd.

Almost the entire length of Academy Blvd. is zoned for commercial buildings. Businesses range from big box stores to family-owned restaurants. Hidden in and behind the shopping strips are quality warehouses available for lease.


E. Platte and Powers

Again, business owners should pay attention to the real estate along E. Platte and Powers. Both of these major roads offer industrial and commercial zoning for reasonable rates. 


Motor City off Nevada

The area south of 1-25 along Nevada Ave. is zoned for heavy commercial use. Most of this real estate is owned by car dealerships, and is known by many residents as “Motor City.” However, warehouses are sometimes leased in this area, especially if one heads further south on Nevada.


Highway 24 toward Manitou Springs

Many Colorado Springs residents use Highway 24 as their escape route to the mountains. Many business owners take advantage of the commercial zoning along this road and lease warehouses year-round. Quality properties can be found between the RV parks and the Ghost Town Museum.


To help business owners in their efforts to research warehouse leases in Colorado Springs, Peak Commercial Properties has created a handy digital map. Our team has highlighted the major industrial (pink) and commercial (orange) zones throughout the city. After taking in a birdseye view of potential warehouse lease locations, visit our listing page for up-to-date warehouse listings.

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